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MA Control

Add time:2019-09-05

MA Control
Low configuration
15.6" Touch Monitor  /Inter Core I5 CPU /120GB hard Disk 
/Kindston 8GB DDR3 1600 Memory
High Configuration
19" Touch Monitor  /Inter Core I7 CPU /240GB hard Disk 
/Kindston 168GB DDR3 1600 Memory
 4 Atteibute value encoder wheel (integration of Key function )
A master fader(60mmmaunal ),2AB Fader (10mmmanual )
21 program playback Fader (60mmmanual)
42 program memory function keys
2 pcs15.6”or19”inch widescreen touch display
Fightcase attached with keyboard and mouse
UPS Power Protector .
Wide voltage ,energy-saving
Low-power design :AC165-264V
Multi-screen control card
4 USB socket A type
A spare USB input audio input socket
A stereo output ,an LTC input socket
6 DMX 512 output socket,A dmx 512 input socket(composite output)
2 worklights port,a gigabit network socker
A midi input socker

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