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Beam Light

380W Waterproof Moving Head Light

Add time:2021-04-06

380W Waterproof Moving Head Light
Input voltage: AC90-240V 50-60Hz        Light source power: 380W
Machine power: 700W
The theoretical life of the light source is more than 1500 hours
Bulb color temperature: 7500K        Focus: linear electric focus
Dimming: smooth dimming without flicker
Strobe: independent strobe, 1-20 times per second adjustable
Color wheel: 13 color + White         Beam angle: 1.7°    Lens diameter: 183cm
Beam diameter: 170mm
Fixed pattern plate 14+1+ can shake in both directions, animation, and water effects
Prism: 1 independent rotating prism, which can be independently rotated in both
           directions and superimposed to create a richer beam effect
Control mode: DMX 512, voice control, self-propelled, master-slave
Rotation angle: Pan 540 degrees, Tilt 270 degrees can automatically correct positioning
Channels: Standard 18 channels, Expansion 18 channels
Lamp material: high-strength PA66 has the characteristics of high temperature 
resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, light weight and drop resistance
Protection level: Ip65

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